ILM have a specialised ‘Development Planning Group’ (DPG) comprising key associates and other development sector experts.

The DPG has evolved over 30 years and refined a full scope development planning process and model with related feasibility process specifically for hospitality, mixed-use and new living concept development projects.

The model integrates all of the key development feasibility variables:

  • Political
  • Sustainability
  • Planning & legal
  • Environmental
  • Market(s)
  • Master planning & architecture

  • Economic Performance
  • Development cost
  • Brand / operator
  • Brand / distribution
  • Financial
  • Investment

The model also considers sustainable development principles within a key stakeholder philosophy and practice. A hotel brand operator procurement and business model module may also be factored into the process.

The resultant development planning package provides key understanding, strategic reporting and supporting documentation for the relevant stakeholders: land-owner, developer, operator, equity investors, debt providers and planning agencies

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